Tushar Bangera

Hello, I am Tushar! A digital native marketer with over a decade of experience building brands powered by stories and data. I have a penchant for building solutions to interesting problems. I

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  • Content Curation: Elena Verna discusses 'Product-led Growth' with Lenny Rachitsky on Lenny’s Podcast

    Elena talks about why product-led growth is the future and it’s time for everyone to actively start thinking about it....

    14 Oct 2022

  • Affirmations - Minimalist Mobile Wallpapers

    Tough times are difficult to endure, but nonetheless we have to persist. A good way to ensure we stay on course is to ke...

    05 Sep 2022

  • Career learnings as a Client Servicing person for 13+ Years

    When you start building a career you wish you had a playbook. But often you build one as you go. In this piece I share...

    26 Aug 2022

  • Content Curation: Shreyas Doshi discusses his '5 Big Ideas' with Lenny Rachitsky on 'Lenny's Podcast'

    This is a very interesting conversation covering a wide range of topics, where Shreyas Doshi discusses his 5 Big Ideas w...

    14 Jun 2022

  • Built an app using no-code to manage a personal vinyl collection.

    A friend has built an enviable collection of vinyl records of some of the finest music created by legends so far. But he...

    03 Jun 2022

  • GrowthX - Product & Growth Bootcamp


    GrowthX is a learning community for the top 1% growth leaders. It is an 8 week product and growth program focused on Acq...

    01 Feb 2022

  • Bachelors in Management Studies

    K. J. Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce

    I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Management Studies. I majored in Marketing and Advertising. As part of my final...

    30 Apr 2008

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