Content Curation: Shreyas Doshi discusses his '5 Big Ideas' with Lenny Rachitsky on 'Lenny's Podcast'

This is a very interesting conversation covering a wide range of topics, where Shreyas Doshi discusses his 5 Big Ideas with Lenny Rachitsky.


The 5 Big Ideas discussed -

→ Identifying future bottlenecks through 'Pre-mortems'

→ Using the 'LNO Framework' to focus on tasks that generate maximum impact with your inputs

→ Understanding the '3 levels of Product Work' and going beyond just executing and achieving milestones

→ Why 'most execution problems are strategy problems'

→ Why it's important to think about 'maximising Opportunity Cost' as opposed to just ROI

14 Jun 2022

Content Curation
Product Management
Shreyas Doshi
Lenny Rachitsky

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