YouTube to Transcript: Generate YouTube transcripts and paste them into ChatGPT!


I love learning from YouTube videos, but taking notes was always a struggle. Pausing, rewinding, and trying to write everything down was frustrating and inefficient. I wanted a better way to capture key insights without interrupting my learning flow.

So I searched and came across paid extensions and web apps (with AI) that disguise themselves as free. After X numbers of use, they all ask for money. They are not in the wrong; the OpenAI API costs real money.

Since I do not want the AI features (I can write my own prompts) and can't pay the fee, I built my own free website in a week.

Introducing YouTube to Transcript, a free and fast tool for learners, note-takers, and content creators to get YouTube transcripts and use with other AI tools.

It can generate and translate the transcript in more than 101 languages. You can:

  • Remove unnecessary segments like sponsors, self-promotion, and interaction reminders from a video. So when you copy a transcript to ChatGPT, it does not eat up the character limit.
  • Translate the transcription into 100+ languages.
  • Paste transcript into ChatGPT and chat with the video!
  • Share Transcript
  • Change the language based on the subtitles added to the video.
  • Coming Soon: I will add all the best note-taking and content-repurposing prompts I have on the transcript page. You will be able to copy prompts and transcripts and add them to ChatGPT or Gemini PRO. This will improve your learning experience.

Tech Used To Build This Website:

  1. Flask, Jinja Template.
  2. HTML, JS, Tailwind CSS, and Vite for the frontend
  3. Cloudflare for security and caching
  4., Docker and Bash Scripts for deployment.
  5. to collect feedback.
  6. CookieBot for CMP.

I built it in such a way that it is free to run (very cheap if it gets popular).

Try it:

  1. Go to
  2. Paste a YouTube video link. Example:
  3. You will get the transcript in under 5 seconds!

Happy Learning!

01 Apr 2024

Web Development
Note Taking
YouTube Transcript

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