Blockchain Developer

Avalor Investments Pvt. Ltd. 

-> I am working as a Blockchain Developer Intern in the VC organization. I've written smart contracts in solidity for Blue Monster Games, Kart Racing League, and Realms of Ethernity helping them build by writing smart contracts for the following functionalities:-
 - Marketplace 2.0 burning ERC721 tokens from the previous contract and Minting them into the old      listed addresses
      - Also wrote and deployed a subgraph for indexing and querying data on the blockchain.
      - Wrote a python script to query the subgraph and extract the data to store it into a CSV file.
- Salary Airdrop to the employees using a single smart contract by mapping their addresses and           their corresponding fixed salaries.
- Vesting the BMC tokens over the period of two years and correspondingly burning KRL tokens,           and automated the process using Chainlink Keepers to perform off-chain functions and                deployed the upKeeps for the same as well
- Lucky Mint Lottery for MATIC and ETH, fetched Live price feeds of MATIC/USD and ETH/USD             using the Chainlink Oracles and minted an NFT to every user buying a Lottery Ticket
- Made the Lottery Contract for Solana as well written in Rust.
- Used Moralis Web3 SDK for indexing and querying the data for various smart contracts as an              alternative to Subgraphs
- FIxed other numerous bugs in the smart contracts as well as the front-end built upon ReactJs
- Brainstormed and regularly discussed more optimized and better approaches for various projects

30 Dec 2021 - Present

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