AI generated NFTs - on XRPL

Welcome to the facinating world of AI generated NFTs.

Even though the art is generated by artificial intellegence, we need to give a good descriptive prompt to GPT-3, so that it can generate better art.

We are aware of other high quality art generating AI models like Stable Diffusion, but it takes more time to generate the art and it often fails if the prompt is weak. So for now, we are sticking with GPT-3 and as for as possible trying to train / fine tune it.

The Product: If you are in XRP Ledger community you've heard of Xumm for sure. Xumm takes care of security, signing, payment, minting and all the important stuffs, we only need to concentrate on what we are building. So we choose to build an xApp. So if you have Xumm installed, you can directly open our xApp and generate and mint the NFT:

01 Jan 2023

Image generation

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