TextUtils is a versatile text utility tool built with React, offering a wide range of powerful features to enhance your text processing experience. Whether you're looking to analyze, convert, or manipulate text, TextUtils has you covered.


Key Features:

- Text Transformation: Convert text to UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Sentence Case with ease.

- Encoding: Encode text to base64 for secure data handling.

- Text Cleaning: Clear text, remove white spaces, and eliminate special characters effortlessly.

- Text Analysis: Extract numbers, links, and perform various text analyses.

- Text Playback: Listen to your text, and stop it at your convenience.

- Clipboard Management: Copy text to the clipboard for quick sharing.

- Text Reversal: Reverse text to add a unique twist to your content.

- Action History: Track your changes with undo and redo actions.

- Text Preview: Preview input text for a quick overview.

- Word Count: Count characters, words, statements, questions, and exclamations for comprehensive text analysis.


TextUtils is your all-in-one solution for text-related tasks. Whether you're a writer, coder, or content enthusiast, TextUtils simplifies text processing, making your work more efficient and productive.

Most exciting part of the project is that it's Open Source. Access the code here and start contributing. 

Experience the convenience of TextUtils today and unlock a world of text manipulation possibilities.

19 Jun 2022

Web Development
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