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WAEC Kinpeak is your dedicated study partner for WAEC exam success. Our offline E-learning app offers an all-encompassing learning experience, featuring subject-specific video lessons, detailed study guides, and mock exams. With WAEC Kinpeak, you have the flexibility to study offline, enabling you to focus on your studies wherever you are. Prepare effectively, improve your grades, and conquer the WAEC exams.

1. All in one: Rather than having different booklets for different subjects, with the App, you have access to all subjects.
2. Mobility: You can carry your phone anywhere and study wherever you are.
3. No internet connection needed: The App operates without the use of data or the internet. This is after you’ve activated the account, of course.
4. Explicit explanation: There are adequate explanations for each question.
5. Computer-Based Test(CBT): With this App, you can time yourself to practice and take exams just like WASSCE.
6. Performance Analysis: You can use the performance activity to track your result history and your progress.
7. Quick Result: Get a detailed analysis of your performance in any of the examinations.
Practice one or more subjects at once
8. Dictionary: Get meanings to difficult words easily in the app.
9. Prescribed Literature textbooks: Access the summary of the recommended novels by WASSCE.
10. Practice by topics: You can decide to solve questions relating to a particular topic.
11. Calculator: A Built-in WASSEC-like calculator is available so you can use it to solve equations where necessary.
12. Educational Game: Have access to exciting and educational games while learning as well. A fun way to learn on the App.
13. Time Bound: You can decide to set time for yourself while practising so as to evaluate your speed and accuracy.
14. Personalised settings: You can easily control the App by changing question numbers, examination year, time frame, examination mode and topic to practice. Personalize the App settings the way you want it. The app is easy to navigate.
15. Notepad with Reminder: Take a note down and also get a reminder on what next you have to do.
16. Customer Service: Fast response to issues users may experience while using the App.
16. Kinpeak Challenge: Compete with your fellows using the Kinpeak App and win exciting prizes.

10 May 2023

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