Product Manager


Launched products by collaborating with stakeholders, worked on roadmaps, and leveraged analytical insights to achieve product market fit

Stakeholder management

• Collaborated with engineering team, designers and QA team for development, testing and launches of multiple products on the app

• Lead a team of developers to build an inhouse CRM system for customer success team and strategic partners, increasing sales by 15%

Product Launches

• Released Chhotastock V1 – small tickets low risk equity baskets and handled its acquisition and customer activation on the app  

• Launched referrals and scratch cards to improve brand loyalty and increased the customer acquisition by approx. 27% in a quarter

• Introduced Monthly Leaderboard on the app to increase engagement by rewarding top 10 users and improved the metric by 42%

Engagement handling

• Handled engagement across all products of Siply (Gold, Chits, Insurance etc) via API-triggered PNs/SMS via Exotel and Moengage

• Created promotional messages using Whatsapp campaigns on Gupshup platform, amplifying brand reach and engagement

• Collected business and sales team requirements, for end-to-end development and designing UI/UX of internal CRM system •


• Managed analytics independently for two quarters, making over 15 dashboards for each product using SQL on Metabase

• Generated QR codes to drive downloads by partnerships and local vendors and managed the analytics related to it using Appsflyer

25 Jan 2021 - 31 Jul 2022

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