Reduced CAC of TagMango ads by 7X.

Problem: We started running targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram to acquire influencers for TagMango. The ad, although visually stunning and got great results in the first 4 days, resulted in a high drop-off rate on day 7 and the CAC went up to 21 rupees per signup on the app. 

Solution: Replaced the ad copy with just an Instagram story ad, with a simple copy: "We are looking for Influencers". Analyzed the data of influencers we had at TagMango and targetted the ad towards Tier 1 and some tier 2 cities based on the data.


  1. The CAC dropped to Rs. 2.5 per signup. 
  2. Resulted in better stickiness on the app(Metric: Number of campaigns completed per influencer)

We ended up running the same ad for over 6 months with no drop in CAC. 

05 May 2019

Facebook AD
Instagram Ad

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