Improve Website Speed

Let's see how the website speed changed before and after optimization. Before, it was running at only 46% of its potential speed. But after making some improvements, it shot up to an impressive 94%. This big jump shows how much better the website works when its speed is optimized. Plus, it helps improve the website's ranking. 

# Before and After Optimization: Website Speed Improvement

Before Optimization (46%):

- Slow loading times

- Delayed content rendering

- Frustrating user experience

After Optimization (94%):

- Rapid loading times

- Instant content delivery

- Enhanced user experience

# Time Required for Site Speed Improvement

- Factors Influencing Time: The time needed for optimization is heavily influenced by factors such as the size and complexity of the website.

- Standard Optimization Process: The optimization process typically includes conducting a thorough site check, optimizing images, clearing caches, and implementing advanced techniques like lazy loading.

- WordPress Websites: Smaller WordPress sites, featuring 2-3 pages and simple navigation, can expect optimization to be completed within 1-2 days.

- Custom Framework Platforms: Websites built on custom framework platforms like Framer may require up to 1 week for optimization due to additional customization. This extensive process could potentially boost site speed from 30% to 70%.

- Larger Websites: For larger websites with numerous pages and complex functionalities, the optimization process may extend beyond the standard timeframe.

- Tailored Approach: It's essential to carefully assess the specific needs of each website and allocate sufficient time accordingly to ensure thorough optimization and significant improvements in site speed.


01 Dec 2023

Improve site speed
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