Twitter Ghostwriting & Personal Branding for B2B Agency Owner

Meet Fatima, a.k.a Young marketer with a ton of Experience & Expertise


- Boost visibility 

- Grow a steady presence 

- Generate Leads with her personal brand

Tools & Technologies used:

- Twitter 

- Notion 

What I did?

- Created a New Content Strategy 

- Ghostwritten 1 High-Quality Thread & 3 Tweets every day for 30 days

- Followed a new Engagement Strategy

- Helped her create & launch 2 freebies

1 Month later.....

ā†’ 500+ New followers 

ā†’ 32.3k tweet impressions

ā†’ 73% Increase in profile visits

ā†’ 5 Inbound leads 

That's the power of Building a personal brand

As she says, 

"Personal Branding is a game of Reach & Sharing value, 

Qualified Leads & Huge Audiences are just a by-product"

Fatima's Testimonial: 

"I was looking for a Ghostwriter and Personal brand manager and Sameera came as highly recommended by someone now she goes highly recommended by me :) I run a Social media Marketing agency and I hired her to handle my social media and write persuasive content for my LinkedIn and Twitter and the results she got were mindblowing. 500 new followers in a single month and 5 inbound leads, isnā€™t it crazy? If you are still reading, hire her :)"


07 Sep 2022

Personal Branding
Twitter Marketing
Lead Generation

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