Content repurposing for a Notion Consultant

Meet Daniel Canosa - helping burnt-out founders/CEOs scale their startups with a remote team by simplifying their systems and processes in Notion 💡


- Boost Visibility on Linkedin

- Check if people on Linkedin are interested in Notion or not

- Create demand around Notion services

  • - Get email subscribers


What I did:

- Repurposed a piece of content every day from his newsletter or Twitter

- A Solid Linkedin Strategy for better engagement

- Engaging 2 hours daily to increase visibility

1 month later...

7 views → 8,457 views (655% increase)
900 followers → 1200 followers
0 engagements → 147 (1,125% increase)

What's that look like?

🚀 3 qualified inbound leads
🤯 Tested that Notion content works on Linkedin

That's the power of great personal branding.

10 Sep 2022

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