Lead Generation


So the job here was to drive quality leads for the business

Project goal

Patronus Interiors an Interior Design Firm was facing critical challenges in gaining new customers after the pandemic. It was not getting new leads through referrals which they relied on as no major projects were acquired during a pandemic. Then they approached me for a solution they wanted to do content creation but with the years of work experience they had I told you guys are already in the industry and are known as a brand why not just focus on digital ad spend to gain new leads and they agreed upon it.


I ran ad campaigns on Facebook For Three Months and here is what we did- 1. In the first month, we tried 2 campaigns with varied demographic by splitting the ad campaign budget in half for both campaigns. 2. The Seocod Demographic Responded well then I focused on the copy and design of the ad. (The one with a white background was selected Final by the client) 3. Following 2 months we ran the ad campaign for the same audience. The Results- 19 valid leads which had requirements for an interior design firm and 8 spam leads. Landed 3 clients. Which resulted in 22X ROI.

01 Jan 2021


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