Headmasters Wellness Zone - Instagram Marketing

Headmasters Wellness Zone is the biggest wellness center in North India, located in Jammu.

I started working with them in March 2021, during the COVID lockdown. The goals were:

👉🏽 Boost Reach

👉🏽 Increase the Click-through rate.

👉🏽 Increase Followers


What I did:

👉🏽 Designed an Instagram Marketing Strategy.

👉🏽 Also a winning Content Strategy.

👉🏽 Worked on consistency and DMs.

👉🏽 Audited the previous content for best positioning.


1 year later:

4300 Reach → 500k+ Reach

730 Followers → 11,368 Followers

This led to 5000+ leads. And surge in revenue. 📈

That's the power of adopting the right Marketing Strategy!💰

17 Jun 2022

Marketing Strategy
Social Media Marketing

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