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I had the opportunity to participate in the entire process of developing the visual identity of @kavalar.com.br, from naming to the last mockup application. It's amazing how a project comes to life and shape over the days, every second dedicated is worth seeing the end result towards the world.

The concept from the beginning was to transfer experience and cultivate knowledge about horses, through courses and teaching materials. Kavalar's purpose is to transmit what is often not found in books, nor on the internet, something that is built with time and a lot of dedication, the know-how that professionals acquire in their daily lives around these animals.

The symbol brings two fundamental elements for the business:

A book and a horse.

The first element rescues the fifth of the "Seven Arts", literature. Through reading we learn every day and, as much as technology has stolen a little of our time, a good book is, and will always be synonymous with learning.

The second element gives the meaning of the project, the horse that is the focus of study and projection of this company.

The red color reflects the feeling of those who love what they do, who are passionate about horses and are hungry for knowledge about these animals.

It was very cool to play this project, I learned a lot in the process and I always hope to have this feeling of accomplishment.

05 Jun 2020


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