Top 10 in Hackoverflow 4.0 National Hackathon

♦️♦️ Top 10 in Hackoverflow Society (Hackoverflow 4.0), a national 🇮🇳 level 36 hour offline hackathon.

Being a first year student from kolkata to attending a offline hackathon and making it to top 10 in a nation level hackathon at Chandigarh University was hell of a experience.🙌💡

It was our first offline hackathon learnt a lot build amazing stuff met with amazing people.

Will be sharing my experiences and learning in the next upcoming days.

And kudos to the whole team.🚀
Rajdeep Sengupta - Back end developer and Team lead.

Debajyoti Saha - Flutter developer.🙌
Roshan Kumar - Flutter dev and aiml enthusiast.
Sayan Chowdhury - Block chain developer.🧩

Hackoverflow Society 

02 May 2022

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