Grew from 190 to 5k followers in 2 Months

Meet Rahul - An Entrepreneur and a Content Creator with (495k+) subs on YouTube.


  • Build Personal Brand
  • Build connections with Founders
  • To Build Trust & Recognition

What I did:

  • Repurpose his YouTube content as a post for everyday
  • A Solid Content Marketing Strategy

Three months later...

  • 60,000 impressions
  • 190 --> 5,000+ followers
  • Built relationship with founders

What's that look like?

  • 😎 He doesn't have to be dependent on a single platform
  • 🤩 Diversification of content in less time
  • 🙋🏽‍♂️ Built authority in his niche

That's the power of content distribution & great personal branding.

Rahul's Testimonial:

"I've been working with rahiny for about a year now. I must say she is quick, has strong observation skills, adaptive, is always willing to learn, and gets the work done before the deadline. Only my best co-workers!"



15 Apr 2022

Content Writing
Personal Branding
Content Marketing

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