Fueler AdManiac: Spec Ad Competition

Gratitude towards Fueler ADManiac: Fueler Spec Ad competition

The Fueler's AdManiac was an absolute Maniac idea which made us all hustle for straight 3 days. This contest was all fun to do and we all got the chance to showcase our skills and talents. We're heartily grateful to the Fueler team for giving us such an amazing opportunity to contribute our skills and knowledge.

Hey, we're team Artful Hands, a team of Artful people who have Hands-on exciting opportunities. It was an amazing opportunity to work with Lucinda & Bangish. Having them in a team was the craziest & fantastic decision I made so far. Here's a little introduction to the team:

Bangshi - Graphic Designer

Lucinda - Copywriter

Purnima - Social Media Manager & Canva Designer

We're the team Artful Hands🤝🏻


Now, it's time to talk about the Brand we selected as a team to work on.


Blissclub is an activewear brand for Women. They came up with the idea of spreading happiness through movement. The founder, Minu Margaret, came across a lack of women's activewear comfort and ease when she introduced the idea of Blissclub in 2020. She experienced a lack of comfort, stretch, and compressiveness in her activewear that didn't cater to her functional, innovative, and technical apparel. #womenwhomove #keepmoving is the most prior thought behind the brand.


"We love movement - from the intentional to the incidental, from dance to HIIT, from taking a walk to watering the plants. We believe in its power, its power to transform lives.

And that's what we keep in mind while engineering each product for you so that no matter how you move, you are comfortable." - Blissclub


Why did we choose Bissclub?

Indian females are really not introduced to clothing comfort. They know the fabric and all but it must feel comfortable and breathable while wearing, activewear is the one that is unapologetically unbreathable and we fail to know the difference. Hence, Minu felt the discomfort and came up with the idea of Blissclub which attracted us as it's a Women-led brand that especially catered to Indian Women's Needs.


If we were to market our Ad for Blissclub, how we would have done it?

Here, we're presenting the Ad-creatives and marketing plan for Blissclub. We'd have taken the steps as follows:

  1. Clear Goals: We would decide on clear goals and objectives we want to achieve through our ad campaign.
  2. Target Audience: We will choose our target audience depending on their demographics, online behaviour, and interests.
  3. Advertising Platforms: Next, we'll go with appropriate advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Instagram, Meta Ads, Pinterest, etc.
  4. Compelling Visual Creative Ad: With the help of our graphic designer, we will develop a compelling visual to showcase Blissclub's activewear in action.
  5. Persuasive Ad Copy: We focus on creating a persuasive and concise Ad copy for our creative Ad. Our copywriter helps with detailed research to understand the Brand's tone of voice to convey the core message in a better way.
  6. Budget Management: We'd allocate the budget across chosen campaigns and platforms and track the performance to adjust the budget accordingly.
  7. Ad Campaign Live: With the help of a Meta Ad or Instagram Ad, we'd set the campaign accordingly and run the Ad for a straight 3 to 4 weeks to achieve our desired goals for Blissclub.

These are the steps we would have taken to run the Ad campaign for Blissclub.


We hope you enjoyed and learned something new with this little competition. We learned many things and had so much joy. Thank you Fueler for this amazing opportunity.

Artful Hands🤝🏻

15 Oct 2023

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