Product Intern


  • Identified the various education gaps present in the current GroMo app, by doing primary as well as secondary research which also involves the insight extracted after talking with 70+ customers on call as well as 10+ of one to one interaction with the customer.
  • Prepare the extensive list of problems that our customers are facing due to the existing education gaps in the app and then validate it with the data using the Moengage tool.
  • Understand the cause of these education gaps by discussing with internal teams including the academy, categorial as well as support team. Had a conversation with the trainer to identify the issues they face and the type of queries they get during the live training sessions.
  • Synthesized research findings & proposed a comprehensive set of problems to address, prioritizing them based on their business impact on the company. Proposed the solutions for the identified problems and developed detailed wireframes using Figma and prepared Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) to effectively communicate the proposed solutions to the development team.

17 May 2023 - 31 Jul 2023

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