Demo on incorporating a C corp in the State of California (USA)

Hello Everyone! Welcome to this demo video of me showcasing how to incorporate a c corp in the state of California (USA).

Introduction to C corp:

C corp is a type of entity with majorly following features: double taxation, cost constraints, no restriction on number and citizenship of shareholders, eligible listing in future and has more expansion prospects.

Points to note:

While this demo video shows how to register a C corp in California, it is important to note following:

1. Determine which entity type and state is best suited for your business model and goals.

2. While the video shows incorporation, there are certain other compliances associated, such as uch as, drafting of bylaws, co-founder's agreement, minutes of meeting, registering for EIN, accounting / bookkeeping, withholding taxes, and filing of tax returns. 

3. Every state has different process and cost structure to register a company for incorporation, even though the basis remain similar.


It is advised to get support from a corporate compliance expert while incorporating a company to ensure that all compliances are covered and rules are followed. Non-compliance can prove to be very costly and sometimes, can lead to irreversible repercussions.




02 May 2023

Company Incorporation
USA Corporate law

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