Consulting on relevant entity type to US Founders


USA has various types of entities- C corp, S corp, LLC, Disregarded Entity, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, etc. with every entity having its own set of pros and cons for different business and goals.


In the given Proof of Work, the founders (name changed) require consultancy on the type of business entity they should go for their business model.


It is crucial to understand the business model, the goals of the founders, information about potential members/investors, budgets, want of liability, statutory requirements, etc. Based on everything put together, the client is advised entity suitable to them.


Every founder comes with an inclination towards registering a C corp due to ongoing social media trend. 'C corp' sounds more like synonymous to 'registered corporation'.


Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of all business entity type helps, while addressing their questions politely. It also helps founders make information-backed decisions.

25 Apr 2023

S corp

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