Business Management Projects

During my 6-month long learning journey at Stoa, I've worked on four key projects that helped me understand business strategy and operations on an advanced level. These projects were:

1. Supply Chain Management:

Problem Statement: To help an automotive company CEO make a critical supply chain decision with a significant business impact as a business operations consultant.

Objective: Writing an executive summary with three recommendations on the sourcing problem.


2. Marketing Mix

Problem Statement: The CEO of Scapia needs to prioritize the target customer segments for their new Student Card offering in the diverse student card market.

A) Identify the most promising target segments within the student card market for optimal market penetration.

B) Develop a strong offering for the Scapia Student Card that resonates well with the chosen target audience.


3. Zero-to-one

Problem Statement: How might we disrupt the Indian food delivery sector for [target segment] through counter-positioning? How do we take the idea to market?

Objective: To create an app that could shake up the food delivery scene, taking on the likes of Swiggy and Zomato.


4. Financial Modeling

Problem Statement: Develop a sustainable business strategy and financial model for Paneer Express that ensures consistent growth and maximizes its potential for success by the end of CY2026.

Business Strategy Development: Formulate a robust business strategy that leverages Paneer Express’s existing strengths, adapts to industry trends and customer preferences, and explores new revenue streams.

Financial Modelling: Construct a comprehensive financial model that provides a clear roadmap for financial growth and stability, leading to an attractive proposition for potential buyers in CY2026.


Press Release:

01 Oct 2023

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