9 Ways Corporate Gifting Helps in Brand Promotion

How do you retain customers who are torn between brand loyalty and changing trends in the “consumer experience”? There actually is a way and it’s called “Creating Brand Ambassadors”.

When I say “Brand Ambassadors” I’m not just thinking about clients, if you’re really planning to swell your brand presence then your chart needs to include your employees and dealers too – they all have stakes in your business and can be your most loyal advocates.

So how do you do it? Businesses have recognized that corporate gifts are an amazingly valuable tool to cement relationships with employees long term – which is exactly what you want if you’re thinking “Brand Ambassadors”.

How does it work?

Here are 9 ways in which corporate gifts work to create long-term ‘Brand Ambassadors’:

1. Combined strategy

Brands can’t be promoted with just online media publicity. For a campaign to be effective, you need both online and offline strategies. So, what is a cost-effective example of offline promotion?

Corporate gifts of course.

The chance that your ambassadors may take a selfie with your gift and post it online is a bonus you probably never thought of.

2. Your fans will sell you better than you can

Creating lasting relationships is more satisfying than anything I’ve ever known. And gifts have always been a part of strong relationships. A useful gift with your name on it triggers emotional engagement with you, your company and your products. A lot of times that’s worth a thousand ad campaigns.

3. Longevity

Corporate gifts give your brand name longevity. A useful, appropriate gift will be welcomed and used regularly serving to jog the memory every now and then.

4. Tell them they matter

What better way than to tell your employees, your clients, your dealers, and sometimes even your suppliers that they’re important? This is the simplest way to validate what your stakeholders mean to you. Show them they matter with a gift that has your name on it.

5. Internal buy-in

If your employees and dealers haven’t bought into your company you should forget about real growth. Internal advocates are your staunchest champions, you take care of them and they take care of you. One way to show them is to reward them with a gift for their sincerity and commitment.

 6. Customers trust customers

Word of mouth (WOM) or viva voce, is the passing of information from person to person by oral communication” – that’s what Wikipedia says.

What it can do for your business is something it doesn’t tell you about. Well then I will – a recommendation from your customer will always be taken more seriously than one from you.

WOM marketing is the affirmation of the value of your product from a customer to a prospect. How do you get it? By securing your customers' unequivocal buy-in with corporate gifts.

7. Public display of brand loyalty

A corporate gift displayed at a cocky angle in an employee’s home, on a client's table, or in a dealer’s office is just that – a public display of brand loyalty.

8. Humanize your product

We’re all human beings after all. Showing the human side of your business creates ambassadors like nothing else does. Do it with a corporate gift that says you care.

9. You give; you get back

Life is a give and take. A well-thought-out gift speaks of mutual admiration, respect, and goodwill. If that’s what you’re giving them, that’s exactly what you’ll get back.

06 Dec 2022

Brand promotion

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