Video & UGC Ads - Beanly Coffee

The Beanly project was focused on developing and implementing a comprehensive ad campaign that would promote the company's commitment to sourcing only the best coffees and flavors for their products. As part of this project, I was responsible for writing scripts for video and UGC ads, as well as developing the creative brief, visual cues, and overall ad strategy.

Our main objective was to showcase Beanly's dedication to sourcing high-quality coffee beans from plantations in India, while also highlighting the care and precision that goes into the production process. Through a combination of compelling visuals, engaging storytelling, and strategic targeting, we aimed to increase brand awareness and drive customer engagement.

Each ad was carefully crafted to convey Beanly's core messaging and mission, and was designed to resonate with target audiences across multiple demographics and geographies.

Through our ad campaign, we were able to communicate the brand's unique value proposition and showcase the care and attention that goes into every Beanly product.

12 Mar 2023

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