Video & Static Ads - SLICE CARDS

I was tasked with creating ad copies for the fintech company, Slice Cards. The goal of the project was to increase brand awareness, recall value, and ultimately drive direct response/sales. Through my ad copies, I utilized various techniques such as "think in opposites," "painting a future picture," and "showcasing the desire to travel" to effectively communicate Slice Cards' unique selling points, including 2% cashback on all spends, crazy deals on brands, and instant paperless approval.

I created a range of ad formats including static ads, carousel ads, and voice-over led ads to cater to Slice Cards' varied target audience. Additionally, I incorporated visual cues such as mockups of Slice Cards and a cartoon/animated character to create engaging and memorable ads.

Overall, my ad copies successfully conveyed Slice Cards' key benefits and features in a clear and concise manner, resulting in effective brand messaging and direct response.

12 Mar 2023

Ad Copywriting
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Direct Response Copywriting

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