Content Writing for Relay Commerce

1. Objective: 

The objective of this project was to write a blog post on Useproof Alternatives, a social-proof marketing tool. 

Here are a few things that I kept in mind throughout:

1. Goal statement - This post is for Founders, Head of E-Commerce Marketing Manager or Head of Marketing facing Low conversion rates due to Poorly timed marketing campaigns. Listicles are always boring but the goal was to make it interesting here.

2. Target Audience - I thoroughly analysed the target audience. This involved understanding demographic details, preferences, and behaviour patterns to tailor content that resonates with the intended market segment.

3. Primary Keywords (1-1.5% of the entire content length) -

 useproof alternative, alternative to useproof

4. Funnel Stage - BOFU

5. Competitor Articles

6. Target word count - 2000 words

2. Tools Used: 

To complete this project, I used a set of tools such as Google Docs, Grammarly, Hemingway and Clearscope.

3. Time Taken:

The overall time that this project took me was 6 hours including the outline, research, writing the 1st draft, adding images and proofreading.

I checked the Shopify forum for reviews on every software listed.  I tried to be a bit creative here with language and how I present each software.

Highlight: It is ranking on the 1st page in the SERPs (Google search results)


10 Oct 2023

Content Writing

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