PRD for zomato multi outlet order

The Product Requirements Document (PRD) outlines Zomato's initiative to introduce a Multi-Outlet ordering feature, aiming to alleviate user frustration when placing orders from multiple restaurants. By enabling users to add items from various outlets to a single cart and consolidating the ordering process, Zomato seeks to enhance user convenience and satisfaction. The feature's implementation involves adjusting revenue splitting logic and modifying the checkout page to accommodate multiple orders, ensuring transparency and ease during the checkout process.

Success metrics for the feature's evaluation include an increase in the number of orders placed through the app, user activation and engagement rates, retention metrics, revenue generated from multi-outlet orders, and user satisfaction ratings. Zomato anticipates that the introduction of this feature will not only address existing user pain points but also contribute to business growth by fostering greater user engagement and loyalty.

25 Sep 2023


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