Pearl Cab Taxi Mobile App

Uber is no longer the best cab booking app in the market. Let us introduce you to "Pearl Cab" the perfect combination of ride-hailing and convenience for user.  

The idea behind pearl cab is, delivering on-demand taxi booking services to user across the globe, with a promise of seamless user experience. This is a much appreciated development considering bad experience people are having with big taxi app.

Speaking of which, the app allows users to book cab. But that's not exciting, is it? The exciting part is the range of options in terms of vehicle. As a user you can book anything from CNG auto, everyday cars, to 4x4 SUV and luxury cars.  

Apart from this, you also get amazing features like scheduled rides which allows you to book rides in advance, an amazing referral program, live location and real-time tracking feature, myrides section, and pearl wallet, a built in digital wallet that makes online payment processing that much easier.  

Amazing, right? Do you want to develop an app like Uber or better PearlCab? Nimble AppGenie is the taxi booking app development company that brought pearl cab to life. We can help you create your own innovative taxi booking app.

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18 Nov 2020

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