Gameday Meals - An innovative food ordering and delivery application for school level events

Objective: To build a platform for sports clubs and students to pre-order food for their yearly sports events.

Tools and technologies used
 - React & Angular - Framework: JavaScript


1. Menu Customization: Meeting the diverse food preferences of different sports clubs and students was a significant challenge. The platform needed to accommodate menu customization and special requests while maintaining efficiency in food preparation.

2. Delivery Logistics: Coordinating food delivery to sports events posed logistical challenges, especially when multiple clubs ordered from different vendors. This required an efficient delivery management system to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.

3. Payment Processing: Secure and user-friendly payment processing was essential, and integrating multiple payment gateways to accommodate diverse preferences proved to be a complex task.


1. User Engagement: We learned that engaging users early in the process through educational materials and demonstrations was crucial for adoption. Regular communication and feedback collection helped us refine the user experience.

2. Flexibility in Menu Management: Offering a flexible menu management system allowed sports clubs to cater to their specific audiences while simplifying food vendor coordination. The ability to easily add, remove, or edit menu items was a valuable feature.

3. Seamless Payment Integration: Providing various payment options and a smooth, secure payment process increased user convenience. We learned the importance of keeping up with the latest payment technologies and ensuring the platform's compatibility.

4. Scaling for Growth: As more sports clubs and students joined the platform, we learned the importance of scalability. Ensuring the system could handle increased load during peak seasons or events became a top priority to avoid service disruptions.

In building a platform for sports clubs and students to pre-order food, the journey involved not only technical development but also addressing the behavioral and logistical challenges that come with changing established habits and processes. The key was to remain adaptable and receptive to user feedback to continually improve the platform.

Outcome: The platform successfully transformed the food ordering experience for sports clubs and students, with a significant increase in pre-orders, reduced on-the-spot wait times, and improved food customization. User engagement and trust grew over time, making it a vital tool for annual sports events, reducing waste and costs.

25 Oct 2023

Product Design & Ideation
Client & Delivery Management

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