Some unusual and intriguing plants - Orchids

Orchids, which are amazing flowering plants, have over 25,000 species worldwide, with India being home to over 1,200 species. Among some noteworthy points, orchids have 3 sepals and 3 petals, but one petal is highly modified into a unique pattern, color, and shape. This very thing attracts pollinators and ensures the survival of these plant species through pollination.

In India, in the northeastern part, Kaziranga National Orchid Park is a hidden gem with more than what its name suggests. One such orchid present there is "Tacca chantrieri," or "Bat Orchid." This is an unusual example of nature's work, and one may think these are tiny little bats. However, this is only one example of the long list of orchid varieties, and there are many unique-looking orchids living and blooming in nature.

Orchids need just moss and charcoal to grow in a healthy environment. Also, Vanilla is a popular orchid and the only known edible orchid. Moreover, the world's smallest orchid is only 2.5mm long (flower size). A visit to an orchid exhibition or park is a must-do activity. Walking with nature and orchids can open our eyes to the creative world around us and can be an enlightening experience. 

08 Apr 2023

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