The Rising Necessity of Cyber Insurance for SMEs

We at ProdWrks have conversations with Industry Leaders and publish Thought Leadership Articles and Feature Stories. These conversations provide many insights into product dev, user research, product management, etc.

Objective: This is a conversation with Yogesh Agarwal , Founder and CEO of Onsurity.

This conversation provides detailed insights into the Rising Necessity of Cyber Insurance for SMEs.

Timeline: Roughly around 3-4 days, which includes reaching out to Yogesh through PR, preparing a questionnaire, having a call, and finally writing and publishing the interview.

Tools Used: The story is purely based on research and our conversation. I relied on various press releases to find gaps and prepare the questionnaire. For writing and editing, software such as Google Docs, Grammarly, and Hemingway Editor. Additionally, I used my expertise and knowledge in the subject matter to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of the questions and, in turn, the answers and the content. 

Organization: This project was done for ProdWrks, where I work as a Tech Journalist.

30 Oct 2023

Product Management
Product Stories
Product Design
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