7 Data Based Careers Demystifying Guide


The objective of the blog post was to demystify the similarity between the similar-sounding data-based jobs and bring clarity to the difference between them.


Tools & Technologies:

I used Open AI ChatGPT and Google Bard to help in research process.

I used Grammarly Premium to write, edit and format the blog post.

I used Medium as the publication.


Time Consumed:

The time spent in the research of the blog post was the maximum.

It took me around 9 hours to complete it from the ideation to publishing.


Challenges and Learning:

The blog post had the maximum amount of research work done till now for a blog post.

Double-checking of the facts and numbers took quite a while.

I get to increase my knowledge of the topic. 



I would charge around 1100/~ INR for such a blog. (At the current point of time)


Result Outcome:

The result was a blog that clarifies the difference in job responsibilities, skills required and average salaries.

After reading the blog one can choose their preferred job type easily and never get confused again. 

12 Sep 2023


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