PinsPay is an online payment system that allows you to make online purchase, send and receive money with just your mobile number. PinsPay can be used by people of various social class, organisations, students, traders etc. In other words,PinsPay can be used by ANYBODY. Transfers, payment and withdrawal performed on PinsPay are very secure. PinsPay uses two factor authentication for all debit activities.

Worked on the following;

- Enterprise api’s and different enterprise users functions Third party api’s for transactions
- Voice IVR
- Voice IVR scripts for converting numbers to words Voice database structure
- Voice IVR flow
- Voice IVR scripts for fetching voice IVR from database
- Voice IVR script for converting voice files to the GCP Voice file format
- All API Documentations for the application
- Internal apis for bank transfer, Pinspay transfer, re-query, notifications etc Third party apis
- Security encryption and Decryption
- Transfer to Bank Api
- Bulk transfer to bank accounts(for bulk payment, like salary payment)
- Bulk transfer to Pinspay accounts
- Administration of corn jobs and commands
- Implementation of security middleware in request pipelines
- Pinspay Technical Support/ Administrative portal

14 Jun 2022

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