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Mehul Kundu

Hi! There. I am Mehul Kundu. Freelancing UI UX designer and Frontend developer. Have a idea in mind hire me as UI/UX designer. I post a video everyday on YouTube. Side hustle Bohon.co . Gener

UI/UX Design


  Working at Foyer, Bohon, Fueler

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  • Revolutionize Your Design Process with ChatGPT: AI-powered Assistance for UI/UX Design

    From Ideation to User Testing, Here's How ChatGPT Can Boost Your Design Process

    24 Mar 2023

  • How to Become a Better Product Designer: A Comprehensive Guide

    Practical Steps and Strategies to enhance your Product Design Skills and Career Growth

    23 Mar 2023

  • How to get started with Designing? a YouTube Playlist

    This is a curated playlist of the most valuable videos on the YouTube to get started with design. It covers most of the...

    17 Mar 2023

  • Neo Brutalism Tinder

    Neo-brutalism is a new design trend that has been gaining popularity in recent times. As a designer, I was intrigued by...

    27 Feb 2023

  • How to create a Next.js PWA with TypeScript, Mantine and Custom Fonts (Optional)

    Best practices while using Mantine in Next.js that I have found out thorough repetitive usage.

    19 Feb 2023

  • Material Design 3 vs Custom Design

    Recently, I have been studying Material and Human Interface Guidelines. I've simply shown what would happen if we strict...

    15 Feb 2023

  • Portfolio website rebuild

    I redesigned and deployed my portfolio site. I used Next.js Tailwind CSS Mantine UI and Framer motion.

    06 Nov 2022

  • Pitch deck design for Abahan

    This deck was prepared to participate in SIH 2022 finals in IIT Guwahati nodal center.

    21 Aug 2022

  • Felicitation Ceremony Poster and Certificate

    This is a project where I have designed event poster and certificates for annual felicitation ceremony for JIS College o...

    01 Jun 2022

  • Product Design of Crypto Tweet Rewarder

    In exchange for sharing a tweet, you can earn crypto as a reward that is directly loaded to your wallet.

    28 May 2022

  • Farewell Ceremony Certificate and Poster Design

    This is a project where I have designed event poster and certificates for annual farewell ceremony for JIS College of En...

    23 May 2022

  • UX Case study: Comparative analysis of authentication flows

    How the modern user registration and authentication works in Web2

    16 May 2022

  • Boxmoji v1 | Hand drawn emoji icons

    Boxmoji is an exciting new hand-drawn illustration project from the creative minds of Mehul and Shankha. The project fea...

    13 Mar 2022

  • VFX Course | Hero Section

    This is a VFX course website landing page design project. This is just the hero section. Other sections will be publishe...

    19 Feb 2022

  • BridgeUp landing page redesign

    This is a concept landing page redesign project.

    08 Feb 2022

  • Cryptollet HTML | Tailwind CSS | Alpine.js Landing page

    I converted the Cryptollet UI Design into HTML template that is right now available for you to buy form Gumroad.

    14 Jan 2022

  • Tweny | The e-rikshaw booking app

    This is a branding design project for a e-rikshaw booking app named Tweny. They started their operation in the rural are...

    12 Jan 2022

  • UP2SUMIN 5

    The design was provided by the company in Figma file. I have to develop the whole landing page. I chose Next.j to work w...

    02 Jan 2022

  • Bliss | Hookah Lounge landing page

    This is a landing page redesign project for a Hookah bar named Bliss. They needed a dark and sexy theme and preferred th...

    15 Dec 2021

  • Landing Page Redesign for Mountain Man Beard Products

    This is a landing page redesign project for Mountain Man Beard Products company. They make beard products that are made...

    08 Dec 2021

  • Portfolio website

    Launched my first iteration of personal portfolio website.

    06 Dec 2021

  • Building Web Applications in Django

    University of Michigan, Coursera

    17 Aug 2021

  • Logo and Brand Guidelines for Aurakast

    Aurakast is basically a podcast streaming platform. Users can upload their own podcast and listen to others also. This...

    16 Aug 2021

  • Value Added 💯 ranked at #5 on Product Hunt

    Product Hunt,  13 Aug 2021

  • Got featured in Notion Videos Instagram Page

    Notion Videos,  12 Aug 2021

  • Value Added 💯 || Curated list of most valuable contents

    Collection of most Valuable tweet, twitter thread, blogs, articles and other stuffs. Various topics and creators/communi...

    12 Aug 2021

  • Landing page design for PDF Converter

    This is a UI design of a landing page for a PDF converter Chrome extension named Conveto. This webpage is inspired form...

    10 Aug 2021

  • Transactional Email Templates

    Building transactional email templates for our SaaS Bohon. Those template are made using Mizzle framework. Which has bui...

    08 Aug 2021

  • Got featured in Fueler Weekly 25

    Fueler,  08 Aug 2021

  • Started my YouTube Channel "Mehul Kundu"

    So in my channel I make contents about productivity, design, UI-UX, marketing, coding, branding and a lot.

    06 Jul 2021

  • Social Media Creatives for Think n Dev

    Think n Dev is a digital media agency which provides services like Design, Development, Marketing etc. With my team I ma...

    30 Mar 2021

  • Think n Dev

    📊 Marketing Solutions 📌 Brand Campaign and management 💻 Website • Apps • Graphics • Content-writing 💡 Turning names...

    16 Mar 2021

  • Social Media Creatives for Bohon

    Bohon is one of my own start up and with my team I create social media copies for Bohon

    15 Mar 2021

  • Bohon Partner and Bohon Picker temporary release

    SaaS based logistics management solution for offline delivery companies.

    03 Mar 2021

  • Bohon

    Please refresh the page if shows something went wrong. 📬 Supporting Creators & Artists📌 📊 Helping Small Business & B...

    28 Dec 2020

  • Mayer Dhorshon (Mother's Rape) || Bengali Poetry

    প্রতিটি মেয়ের এক সাধারণ সত্ত্বা হলো মা সত্ত্বা।তাই ধর্ষণ যখনই হয়,তখনই এক মায়ের ধর্ষণ হয়।এভাবে ভেবে দেখলে,আমরা নিউজ প...

    25 Nov 2020

  • Mena - Eco friendly Napkin Incinerator | Product Video

    The project "Eco-friendly portable napkin incinerator" as the name suggests is a device to dispose of used sanitary napk...

    19 Nov 2020

  • Graphic Design Internship

    Fueler Achievement
  • Mom & Dad || Documentary film project

    This is a short documentary film about mom and dad in general. About their sacrifices, their hard works, their struggles...

    27 Mar 2020

  • NPTEL Topper

    NPTEL Topper of 2019 for course Developing Soft Skills and Personality. And fyi it was a offline examination.

    NPTEL,  25 Oct 2019

  • Rajanigondha || Animated Music Video

    This a animated Music video of a Bangla song named Rajanigondga. The audio is mixed mastered and edited by me. And the w...

    08 Sep 2019

  • B.tech in Computer Science and Engineering

    JIS College of Engineering

    JIS College of Engineering is an engineering college located in Kalyani, West Bengal, India. The college was established...

    01 Aug 2019

  • 10 + 2 Higher secondary

    Serampore Union Institution

    Serampore Union Institution is a Bengali medium boys' school in Serampore, accredited as "A-Grade, Excellent Educational...

    Serampore  20 Apr 2018


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