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Mehul Kundu

Mehul Kundu

Hi! There. I am Mehul Kundu. Freelancing UI UX designer and Frontend developer. Have a idea in mind hire me as UI/UX designer. I post a video everyday on YouTube. Side hustle . Generalist at team
  • Figma
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
Currently Working at Fueler and Bohon
  • Product Design of Crypto Tweet Rewarder

    In exchange for sharing a tweet, you can earn crypto as a reward that is directly loaded to your wallet.

    28 May 2022

  • UX Case study: Comparative analysis of authentication flows

    How the modern user registration and authentication works in Web2

    16 May 2022

  • VFX Course | Hero Section

    This is a VFX course website landing page design project. This is just the hero section. Other sections will be publishe...

    19 Feb 2022

  • BridgeUp landing page redesign

    This is a concept landing page redesign project.

    08 Feb 2022

  • Cryptollet HTML | Tailwind CSS | Alpine.js Landing page

    I converted the Cryptollet UI Design into HTML template that is right now available for you to buy form Gumroad.

    14 Jan 2022

  • Tweny | The e-rikshaw booking app

    This is a branding design project for a e-rikshaw booking app named Tweny. They started their operation in the rural are...

    12 Jan 2022

  • UP2SUMIN 5

    The design was provided by the company in Figma file. I have to develop the whole landing page. I chose Next.j to work w...

    02 Jan 2022

  • Quotes App

    This website generate random famous quotes. This is a basic portfolio project to play around and practise the skills I h...

    25 Dec 2021

  • Bliss | Hookah Lounge landing page

    This is a landing page redesign project for a Hookah bar named Bliss. They needed a dark and sexy theme and preferred th...

    15 Dec 2021

  • Landing Page Redesign for Mountain Man Beard Products

    This is a landing page redesign project for Mountain Man Beard Products company. They make beard products that are made...

    08 Dec 2021

  • Portfolio website

    Launched my first iteration of personal portfolio website.

    06 Dec 2021

  • Building Web Applications in Django

    University of Michigan, Coursera

    17 Aug 2021

  • Logo and Brand Guidelines for Aurakast

    Aurakast is basically a podcast streaming platform. Users can upload their own podcast and listen to others also. This...

    16 Aug 2021

  • Value Added 💯 ranked at #5 on Product Hunt

    Product Hunt  13 Aug 2021

  • Got featured in Notion Videos Instagram Page

    Notion Videos  12 Aug 2021

  • Value Added 💯 || Curated list of most valuable contents

    Collection of most Valuable tweet, twitter thread, blogs, articles and other stuffs. Various topics and creators/communi...

    12 Aug 2021

  • Landing page design for PDF Converter

    This is a UI design of a landing page for a PDF converter Chrome extension named Conveto. This webpage is inspired form...

    10 Aug 2021

  • Got featured in Fueler Weekly 25

    Fueler  08 Aug 2021

  • Transactional Email Templates

    Building transactional email templates for our SaaS Bohon. Those template are made using Mizzle framework. Which has bui...

    08 Aug 2021

  • Started my YouTube Channel "Mehul Kundu"

    So in my channel I make contents about productivity, design, UI-UX, marketing, coding, branding and a lot.

    06 Jul 2021

  • Social Media Creatives for Think n Dev

    Think n Dev is a digital media agency which provides services like Design, Development, Marketing etc. With my team I ma...

    30 Mar 2021

  • Think n Dev

    📊 Marketing Solutions 📌 Brand Campaign and management 💻 Website • Apps • Graphics • Content-writing 💡 Turning names into...

    16 Mar 2021

  • Social Media Creatives for Bohon

    Bohon is one of my own start up and with my team I create social media copies for Bohon

    15 Mar 2021

  • Bohon Partner and Bohon Picker temporary release

    SaaS based logistics management solution for offline delivery companies.

    03 Mar 2021

  • Bohon

    Please refresh the page if shows something went wrong. 📬 Supporting Creators & Artists📌 📊 Helping Small Business & Bran...

    28 Dec 2020

  • Mayer Dhorshon (Mother's Rape) || Bengali Poetry

    প্রতিটি মেয়ের এক সাধারণ সত্ত্বা হলো মা সত্ত্বা।তাই ধর্ষণ যখনই হয়,তখনই এক মায়ের ধর্ষণ হয়।এভাবে ভেবে দেখলে,আমরা নিউজ প...

    25 Nov 2020

  • Mena - Eco friendly Napkin Incinerator | Product Video

    The project "Eco-friendly portable napkin incinerator" as the name suggests is a device to dispose of used sanitary napk...

    19 Nov 2020

  • Graphic Design Internship

    The Crimson Cape

    05 May 2020 - Present

    Fueler Experience
  • Mom & Dad || Documentary film project

    This is a short documentary film about mom and dad in general. About their sacrifices, their hard works, their struggles...

    27 Mar 2020

  • NPTEL Topper

    NPTEL Topper of 2019 for course Developing Soft Skills and Personality. And fyi it was a offline examination.

    NPTEL  25 Oct 2019

  • Rajanigondha || Animated Music Video

    This a animated Music video of a Bangla song named Rajanigondga. The audio is mixed mastered and edited by me. And the w...

    08 Sep 2019

  • in Computer Science and Engineering

    JIS College of Engineering

    JIS College of Engineering is an engineering college located in Kalyani, West Bengal, India. The college was established...

    01 Aug 2019

  • 10 + 2 Higher secondary

    Serampore Union Institution

    Serampore Union Institution is a Bengali medium boys' school in Serampore, accredited as "A-Grade, Excellent Educational...

    Serampore  20 Apr 2018

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