Generated +50% higher leads in just 60 days of the launch

In this case study I will walk you through how I achieved +50% higher leads in just 60 days of the launch of the clients Google ads account. The client runs a Covid testing lab in Florida, USA for frequent travelers and locals. The monthly budget of the account was USD $8000

Please find the project specifics below:

- Get at least 100 leads per month
- With target cost per lead of USD $90

Tools & Technologies used:
- Google Ads
- Google Analytics (UA & GA4)
- Google Tag Manager

The Florida state-based covid testing lab has been generating leads offline in Boynton, however the lead flow has been inconsistent and thus, wanted to test out new channels to grow their business.

- Structured the account by segmenting keywords intent (urgency & location)
- Prioritized the budget allocation to the top performing keyword themes for first 30 days period
- Added account-wide negatives to counter irrelevant searches and prevent wasted ad spend
- Prioritized bids on call only ads conversion action over appointment setup conversion to capture urgent intent users

By careful structuring account based on keyword intent and proactive account-wide negatives addition the covid testing lab account saw 50% higher leads and with 35% lower CPL (cost-per-lead) in just 60 days of the launch

01 Feb 2022

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