Introduction to Database Design with MySQL


This is my first step towards database, towards a full fledge data analyst career. And that's why, to become an analyst, I searched all over the internet what are the requirements to learn data analysis, and most importantly where I can learn them for free. Definitely, I got to know about a bunch of sources, but didn't liked those ones.

So, I continued my journey to find a course and finally that night came. I was editing some photos as usual and Upgrad popped into my mind.. I instantly Googled it and saw this course, and just enrolled for it. I've to agree, the teacher is one of the best teachers I've ever known. He is so much passionate about teaching, and simplified the things so perfectly!

If you're a beginner in such data field, definitely go for this course. You'll literally enjoy it.

20 Apr 2021 - Present

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