Book Recommendation System

During the last few decades, with the rise of Youtube, Amazon, Netflix and many other such web services, recommender systems have taken more and more place in our lives. From e-commerce (suggest to buyers articles that could interest them) to online advertisement (suggest to users the right contents, matching their preferences), recommender systems are today unavoidable in our daily online journeys.

That's why I choose a recommendation system as my first Machine Learning project. 

The idea is simple: You'll give a book name, and based on that my system will suggest you 5 books which will be almost similar to the book you gave.

Now internally I've set up some algorithms according to which you'll be getting those recommendation and the model is based on batch learning, which means it can only work on the data it has. So if you search for a book which it doesn't have any data about, well, it'll throw you a beautiful error.

After you open the link, go to the "Recommendation" section, to search your book and you'll get our recommendations. 

Happy reading.

13 Aug 2022

web development
machine learning
data science
Scikit learn

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