Honest Review of Linchpin book

I overpaid to get my hands on this book & a few things I learned from the” Linchpin Book” by Russel Brunson.

What “linchpin” framework allows you to outspend every other business in your industry and better profitability & scalability in business.

This is what drives the actual value of business if someday you decide to raise money i.e recurring revenue or continuity as called in book.

This book is mainly focusing on building continuity offers in your business. Continuity basically a form membership or subscription for which your customer pays every month on an automated basis.

⚠️  This book is just giving framework. What works in the Indian market or for my specific niche or pricing model I need to figure out on my own.

But it’s not a new concept , I think more about how to implement or build continuity is what is taught best in this book.

Russel breaks  down different  continuity offers , landing pages , numbers and how clickfunnels or magnetic marketing is doing it. (Implementation part)

It's a new way of seeing business and having clarity in business.

Important quotes:

👉“If you don’t have continuity… then you don’t have a business” - David Frey

👉We’re in the two-things business ‘getting members’ & ‘keeping members’  - Bill Glazer

This model works best for business like
✅ information business (books,courses,newsletter etc)
✅ paid community  
✅software business 
✅ physical products that have monthly demand (supplements, diapers/sanitary pads etc)
✅ Offline business like gym, salon or milk/newspaper services etc

Here's the launch framework , I made for myself after reading this book.

🗓️ Week 1 to Week 6:
🌱 Organic Content (1 platform only)
📋 Build a waitlist for my offer and grow my email list.
🚀 Creative promotion methods (Ads-free) like dream-100, warm outreach etc.
🔍 Market validation for MVP (Continuity Offer)
🛠️ Refine MVP for pre-launch

🗓️ Week 7 to Week 8:
🎉 Pre-launch Event (30 min live-stream)
📢 Notify waitlist & organic audience
💪 If good response, start paid promos & growth strategies

❌ If not, back to product improvement and relaunch. 🧐🚀🔁

12 Oct 2023

book review

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