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**"The CEO Challenge by Master's Union: Unleash Your Teenage Entrepreneurial Spirit!"**

Do you think age is a limit for becoming an entrepreneur? Think again! Join the CEO Challenge by Master's Union, and be the next youngest entrepreneur to shake up India with your startup, backed by impressive funding.

🚀 Who said entrepreneurs need a degree? 

To all the teens out there, it's your time to shine. Pitch your groundbreaking idea not only to our panel but also to an audience of 5 MILLION eager minds. Get ready for funding opportunities of up to 10 LAKH Rupees!

🌟 India thrives on its youth, and Master's Union is here to harness your potential. The CEO Challenge is designed exclusively for teens and pre-undergraduates who dare to dream big.

🏆 What's in it for you?

- A chance to represent your school.

- Gain recognition from CXOs and industry leaders.

- Secure funding for your startup dream.


Join us and be part of the next generation of game-changers! 🌐


 "Register Now and Turn Your Teenage Dreams Into Reality!"

15 Oct 2023

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