Software Engineer


- Developing microservices-based Web APIs with ExpressJS
- Dealing with containerizing applications with Docker for deploying on AWS ECS Fargate
- Various aspects of Database management
- Implementing GeoFencing features with PostGIS on Postgres Databases 
- Setting up, deploying, managing and monitoring cloud infrastructures like VPCs, Network Interfaces, Load Balancers, Bastions, Opensearch dashboards etc on AWS using IaC tools like CDK
- Building cloud applications with AWS Lambda, Step Functions, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, S3, etc.
- Designing infrastructures to run real-time Machine Learning/Image Processing inferences
- Setting up and CI/CD with CodePipeline and CodeBuild for automated deployments
- Monitoring Cloud costs with Costs Explorer and Dashboards on CloudWatch

26 Jul 2021 - Present

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