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I help you write,create and curate content according to your goals however big or small they be 😉

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  • PriceLabs POW : Adding Apple Vision Pro to PriceLabs

    Objective: Writing a blog based on Pricelabs integration with Apple Vision Pro. Tools used : Google Docs, Claude AI, Gr...

    01 Apr 2024

  • Proof of work for Paperflite

    Paperflite is a leading SAAS company and my work is basically creating content for their product Cleverstory, which is a...

    27 Mar 2024

  • Lasik Surgery Spec AD for Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

    Disclaimer- Please note that this is a mock project with no affiliation with real-world corporations. Concept: The ide...

    21 Jan 2024

  • Squarespace AD ft. Someone who sells seashells

    Heyyyy!! we all heard of the childhood rhyme about how sally sells seashells on the seashore? Didn't we?? Well if you d...

    19 Jan 2024

  • A Habit Tracker that works

    Have you ever wondered if your habits hasn't been staying on track? Well, if you are like me, you can use something cal...

    18 Jan 2024

  • Inagiffy Newsletter Assignment

    This is Inagiffy newsletter assignment and to create this it took me like two to three hours. Inagiffy is a popular new...

    28 Dec 2023

  • Created poster content for a barber shop celebrating men's day

    I know I am pretty late for this but men's day is over and all I saw as people wishing happy men's day but are men reall...

    30 Nov 2023

  • What is a chimp paradox?

    I wrote about monkey mind paradox AKA the chimp paradox. Took me 45 minutes, time to read is 5 minutes. Hope you love it...

    27 Nov 2023

  • Wrote a parody watch ad copy

    So I was waiting for my train and idk what to do, so I thought how about we create a fake ad for a fake watch brand that...

    18 Oct 2023

  • A spec AD for bumble

    Creating an advertisement for Bumble, a networking/dating app, demanded a deep understanding of the product, our target...

    14 Oct 2023

  • Created my first digital product on Gumroad

    First, I created a notion template on "Second Brain" by Tiago Forte. Next, I created the thumbnails and overlays on can...

    04 Sep 2023

  • Here's a proof of work that I did for tripledart.

    I wanted to create an explanatory beginner friendly article on how you can get started with building their own online st...

    21 Aug 2023

  • Proof of work for Amazon

    Enhancing AI Model Training through Effective Content Writing and Analysis is an small article that I have written shari...

    22 Jul 2023

  • Brand Tone of Cookd

    Hi, here I will show you how to create a brand profile or brand tone for any brand you work with. I've taken the example...

    20 Jul 2023

  • Promotional email wishing for customer birthday - Cookd

    Birthday campaign promotional email for Cookd promoting sales by reaching out to people celebrating birthday every month...

    18 Jul 2023

  • Podcast overlay for youtube video

    Did a podcast with manitham NGO founder dinesh kumar and created a minimalistic podcast cover.

    17 Jul 2023

  • Cookd x Chandrayan 3 launch tweet and thread ideas

    They asked me for twitter and thread ideas to link Cookd with the Chandrayaan 3 launch

    16 Jul 2023

  • I made a book suggestion bot using GPT-3.5

    I created this using GPT 3.5, It gives book summaries, tips, and recommendations that you can use to be a really good re...

    04 Jul 2023

  • App notifications examples for music day and yoga day

    Wrote App Notifications for yoga day and music day

    20 Jun 2023

  • How to write a video script like Mohak Mangal

    We all love the narrative and steady yet hooky storytelling of Soch by Mohak Mangal. It is as if we open the video, we...

    14 Jun 2023

  • Wrote a newsletter sample for Cookd.

    Wrote a newsletter copy for my company Cookd. Tone: Quirky, Food, Food news, Cheerful, Punny

    15 May 2023

  • I converted Hrithik Mehlawat youtube video into a informative Linkedin post

    Want to repurpose your content? I can make your youtube videos into a Linkedin Post

    11 May 2023

  • Thank you letter for Cookd

    I wrote a sample thank you letter for loyal customers of Cookd.

    10 May 2023

  • Mother's day Newsletter for Cookd

    I wrote a copy for Cookd newsletter for mother's day. It's pretty epic.

    08 May 2023

  • Kevin Murphy Problem Descriptions based Products

    I studied over 700 products on Kevin Murphy and wrote descriptions for products based on the problem scenarios like Dry...

    04 May 2023

  • How to optimise your brain for peak performance - Ali Abdaal

    Do you want to optimise your brain for peak performance? I have made a Mock Twitter thread for Ali Abdaal yt channel

    01 May 2023

  • Made a cool PPT about fueler and proof of work

    Added memes and made it funny, do give it a read!!

    01 May 2023

  • This Proof of work for Cookd.com landed me a job

    I noticed they are hiring so I applied and they asked a set of questions, instead of giving a document. I created notion...

    28 Apr 2023

  • I created an AI chatbot that explains all about vipassana.

    I like Vipassana and wondered if there is anyone out there that can answer my queries regarding Vipassana and voila! tha...

    19 Apr 2023

  • Created youtube SEO keywords for Niharika Kaur Sodhi for her Youtube Channel

    It is a sample youtube SEO proof of work sample of creating actionable keywords about 20-25 so that her video can perfor...

    31 Mar 2023

  • I created this proof of work that landed me a meeting with tamil lyricist Kutti Revathi

    I noticed many tamil artists and lyricists don't have proper social media, and I also heard about an opportunity of meet...

    30 Mar 2023

  • Podcast cover

    Made a podcast cover for my podcast

    02 Feb 2023

  • Created an interesting copy for No Beard Day

    So I created this idea for no beard day which was designed and updated by Josh the designer.

    27 Jan 2023

  • How to be a better storyteller | Tips I have taken from Director P.S.Mithran

    Storytelling is the art of communicating with the audience's emotions. If you communicate with the audience enough, you...

    07 Nov 2022

  • Created a really punny design

    Veggies :D

    01 Nov 2022

  • Wrote a brochure for a mindfulness coach

    I wrote a brochure to a life coach for his webinar.

    26 Oct 2022

  • Maran mantra content strategy - October 2022

    I have been creating content strategy and branding for Maran mantra and other than managing their social media content,...

    17 Oct 2022

  • Anlon salons blog

    Wrote this blog based on 7 reasons to dye your hair at least once in your life for Anlon salons.

    17 Oct 2022

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