Created poster content for a barber shop celebrating men's day

I know I am pretty late for this but men's day is over and all I saw as people wishing happy men's day but are men really happy?

Men's mental health is at an all time low and suicide rates for men are at an all time high.

So I thought what's the favorite place for men? Of course, the barber shop.

So what if a barbershop posted men's mental health awareness day poster? 

That actually cared for men and not for some offer BS.

That was my motivation. I know the design is kind of basic but I am looking to collaborate with more designers to come up with more attractive copies like this. 

If you are a brand who are looking for a good copy, please reach me out and we can see how we can collaborate together. If it works I will make the first 3 copies spec AD absolutely for free.

30 Nov 2023

Men's day
Mental health
Mental awareness
Spec ad
Content writing
Health and wellness

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