Creation of our first web3 TLD @paynow (on FIO Protocol)

Created on the FIO Blockchain, the TLD @paynow is open to the public for creating your own "handle" (i.e. [email protected]). Price compared to owning a once a year renewing .eth address is not comparable. As of feb2023, the average cost to register an @paynow handle is approx. $2 USD. ENS Charges atleast $15 USD depending on network traffic. The big difference is that our TLD isnt blockchain nor cyrpto specific. It runs from the FIO Blockchain and allows for any crypto to be added to it. Wallet integrations are happening constantly, including Trust wallet and other well known crypto wallet brands. Why be limited to one blockchain? Why over pay for a short wallet address then have to pay that large amount again in 12 months? So many features available and even more being rolled out! Head over to the Thirdy platform for details!


05 Feb 2023

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