Jatin Vishwakarma on LinkedIn: Clients LinkedIn Case study

Case Study: How My Client Content Performance goes from 2,458(34.3%) Impressions to 71,187(2,128.1%) Impressions in just 30 days🚀

1. Client Background: 

My client is an Industrial Psychologist, Author, and Life Coach...

She provides consultation or counseling to her target audience...

She wanted to leverage LinkedIn to expand their professional network, establish thought leadership, and generate high-quality leads.

2. Challenges Faced:

Prior to our engagement, my client faced several challenges on LinkedIn:

- Limited visibility: Their LinkedIn profile had low visibility, resulting in a limited reach and low engagement.

- Inconsistent content strategy: My clients struggle to create and post content daily and have no personal branding.

- Zero Active followers: Although my client has 8,000+ followers they were not active which results in low engagement on her profile.

3. Approach:

To address these challenges, our organic LinkedIn management services focus on the following strategies:

- Profile optimization: We optimized her LinkedIn profile by optimizing keywords in the About section, and ensuring consistency across all sections.

- Content creation and distribution: We developed content strategy goals, focusing on informative articles, engaging visuals, and industry insights. We created and posted content consistently to establish thought leadership and increase engagement.

4. Implementation:

During the implementation phase, we executed the following actions:

- Conducted a comprehensive audit of her LinkedIn profile, identifying areas for improvement and optimization by using free websites.

- Developed a content calendar, creating and publishing industry-specific articles, and insightful carousel designs on a regular basis.
- Engaged with connections daily for 1 hour by commenting on their posts, and sharing relevant content.

5. Results:

The implementation of our organic LinkedIn management services yielded outstanding results for my client:

- Profile views increased by 30% within the first month of implementation.
- Connection requests rose by 20%, resulting in a broader professional network and increased exposure to potential clients.
- Engagement metrics, including likes, comments, and shares, surged by 50% on average per post.
- Gained 400+ followers within the first months after implementing strategies.

6. Testimonials:

My client, expressed her satisfaction with our services, stating:

"Jatin Vishwakarma is a thorough professional, he understands the gap of the profile and also suggests the right things to bridge them. I had taken service for digital visibility, Jatin was meticulous, action-oriented, and could bring out effective changes. I liked his promptness in implementing things and considering all diverse suggestions in the most appropriate way.

I wish him all the very best in all his future endeavors 💐
Thank you Jatin for your services..."

Here is the link to my case study post on LinkedIn.


P.S. Attention Coaches, DM for inquiry to get results like this.

17 Jun 2023

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