Take a look at the top transportation trends!

The merging of transportation and technology has given rise to the latest transportation trends. From the increasing use of artificial intelligence in transportation to the introduction of hybrid cars, the transportation industry is flourishing rapidly. If you are unaware of the latest trends in the transportation industry, here is all you must know.

  • AI-augmented Mobility

The transportation ecosystem is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to the fullest. Through AI, travel time can be significantly reduced by harnessing the power of analytics, the cloud, and data. It also helps enable dynamic policymaking, improve regulatory compliance, manage congestion, and support air traffic control. 

  • Digital Identity

Digital identity is one of the significant transportation trends today. Transportation, as well as transit agencies throughout the globe, are making use of digital technologies to improve security, increase throughput, as well as enhance the overall transportation experience for the users. Using digital driving licenses helps enhance security and increase efficiency at airports.

  • Next-Generation GPS

While GPS systems are not a recent innovation, the latest GPS devices come with many new features. Moreover, GPS has been used less in the transportation sector in recent years. However, its use has increased a lot in recent times. The latest GPS systems are highly versatile and allow travel to make changes to their travel plans by providing them with traffic reports, road conditions, weather conditions, and more. 

  • Frictionless, Integrated Travel

In today's busy world, people want to travel with minimum checkpoints or stoppages. This latest trend has been manifested in various ways, such as enabling multimodal transportation, increasing ticketless travel platforms, growing demand for mobility-as-a-service, and last-mile connections.

  • Electric Hybrid Vehicles

The craze for electronic cars is increasing among people day by day. It ensures optimum comfort as well as convenience for the passengers. Owing to the increasing demand, more and more car companies are introducing electronic cars into the market.

Various other trends in transportation significantly impact consumers across the globe. 

31 Aug 2022

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