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PRODUCTIWISE is a Self-paced course and guidebook, which first makes you aware of yourself and then teaches real-world skills! 

This course is made to accelerate your journey, and make you 100X Faster than your Peers🚀 

Understand Your Strengths & Lucks ⚙️
Building Your Presence 📰
Learn to Learn 🧠
Build Cash Flow 💸

It's not just a course, it’s a guidebook! which you can refer to anytime with a LifeTime Access⚡️️

What's inside the course / Modules :

1. Understanding You ⚙️
      - Your Strengths
      - Your Advantages
      - Your Passion

2. Building Advantages ⚡️
      - Strong Social Presence
      - Building Proof of Work
      - Building a Strong Network

3. Building Stamina ✊
      - When to Pivot/Stick with the goal
      - Keep going!
      - Learning Mindset

4. Cash Flow 💸
      - Learn to Monetise (Service/Product)
      - Outsourcing
Many more ( More likely to add "Leverage of A.I.")

Along with multiple Tasks

Do you know why it is Paid?
If it’s not paid, then most probably you’ll never learn!

You’ve heard the famous saying, “If it’s not paid then you’re product”, and we don’t want you as a Product!

When will it be completed?
Till January 15th, we're done with all the lectures & modules. 

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01 Jan 2024


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