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Harsh Mishra

Harsh Mishra

18, Graphic Design - Content Creation - Writing Weekly Newsletters - Exploring New Things, More into Experimentation!
  • CSS
  • Graphic Design
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Hvrshu Extra - Thumbnails

    This is a continuous project - this means I'll update the future thumbnails I'll make for "[Hvrshu Extra](https://www.yo...

    18 Sep 2022

  • Hvrshu Extra : Poster

    I've Recently Designed a poster for my Second YouTube Channel : Hvrshu Extra

    05 Sep 2022

  • Thumbnails Summary - Best What I'd designed

    Thumbnails I've created in the previous days, but I'll update it soon. Check this one.

    01 Aug 2022

  • Thumbnail! - unlisted

    Thumbnails I've created for me & Markitup

    25 May 2022

  • Thumbnail Redesign - Sid Warrier Youtube!

    Youtube Thumbnail : I've re-designed it for Sid Warrier!

    05 May 2022

  • Ethereum Card Design! - Virtual Card - #Figma

    Ethereum Card Design! - Virtual Card - #Figma Designed in Figma! - It takes a whole week to build this! follow my work...

    01 May 2022

  • Thumbnail Design • Podcast Taking Advantage w/ Prantik

    Thumbnail: I've designed it for my Podcast w/ Prantik Kumar Seal Which is now on Youtube. All the thumbnail work is ava...

    22 Apr 2022

  • Thumbnail Design - Now What You Can Expect

    Thumbnail : I've designed it for my Solo Podcast! Which is now on Youtube. Check my all thumbnail Designs on Behance.

    21 Apr 2022

  • Work Organiser App! - UI Design

    Last night I was extremely motivated to create some UI design. Source: [Instagram](

    17 Apr 2022

  • Kakashi Hatake! - Anime Character Tracing!

    It was an experiment for creating something different in Figma. So, I tried to trace an Anime and created this project....

    17 Apr 2022

  • A Name to be known! #2 Newsletter

    IF YOU DON'T BLOW YOUR OWN TRUMPET THEN WHO WILL! One thing which I think people do now is share their best content, sh...

    10 Apr 2022

  • Published First Newsletter : First Come First Serve!

    I've just Issued my first Newsletter. You should check it, also do subscribe to my newsletter for the future issues!

    07 Apr 2022

  • I'm Not UI Designer! - Mobile App Design

    I've applied glassmorphism concept, to creating Mobile App UI design.

    01 Apr 2022

  • Social Media Carousel!

    I am Improving my design skills by experimenting and creating different projects! Project Quick Glimpse: 1. Social Med...

    30 Mar 2022

  • Thumbnail Design • Podcast Youtube Thumbnail

    Created Some Thumbnails For MY YOUTUBE Channel!

    01 Mar 2022

  • Ui Design

    Actually I was just exploring UI design & By mixing and matching I'd designed this Website UI.

    30 Oct 2021

  • Freelance Designer


    Currently I'm working as a Freelance Designer @ Dshans.

    20 Oct 2021 - Present

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