Fatin Khairani

Enthusiastic creator with a passion for editing, avid video watcher, and always up for trying new things. Embracing the art of constant exploration.

Social Media Marketing
Business Development
Cashier Skills



  • A One Year of Phenomenal Growth: From August 2021 to Now, My Journey of Skyrocketing Twitter Followers!

    As a Freelance Social Media Manager at GetMeHired since August 2021, I've strategically elevated our Twitter presence, s...

    At the company's outset, a modest following posed a challenge, hindering the establishment of broad brand awareness and industry recognition.,  01 Dec 2023

  • Project of Making A Float Ship Using Ideas of Technology Transfer in UTeM

    I want to share a project that I did at the university, which involved creating a floating ship by adding supports on th...

    23 Nov 2023

  • Social Media Manager- Freelancer

    GetMeHired.io, Getme Technology PLY

    Created compelling ads, collaborated with marketing for impactful campaigns, managed client data, monitored project prog...

    12 Aug 2021 - Present

  • Bachelors in Technopreneurship

    Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka

    Relevant Coursework: Business Management, Basic Economics, Technopreneurship, Business Mathematics, Accounting ng, Stati...

    10 Oct 2020

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