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Helping Brands and Individuals increase their Presence on Social Media through Storytelling

Event Management
Video Editing


  Working at Ambedkar University

My Collaborators
  • Video Edits for Arpit Singh

    Edited Videos for [Arpit Singh](https://www.linkedin.com/in/digiarpit/) reels and Podcast Tools used - Descript , Da Vi...

    20 Oct 2023

  • Marathon Poster

    Objective - Make people aware about the Event (Marathon ) Tools Used - Figma Time Taken - 17 mins Learnings - experim...

    08 Aug 2023

  • Trailer of Video editing Contest

    Objective - Created a trailer for Video editing contest hosted by Fueler and Ishan Sharma(Co founder of Markitup) to hel...

    27 Jul 2023

  • Instagram Strategy Awshad

    Objective - Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement on Instagram Tools Used - Google Docs Time Line - 20 mins

    22 Jun 2023

  • Lead Generation Strategy for Awshad

    Objective - Increase brand awareness and generate leads Timeline - 15 mins Tools Used - Google Docs

    22 Jun 2023

  • Meme Marketing for Awshad

    Objective - Create Memes to increase brand awareness in a fun way. Tools used - Da Vinci Resolve and Figma

    21 Jun 2023

  • Cadbury Meme Ad copy

    Objective - Create a fun ad for Cadbury Timeline - 45 mins (15 mins for ad copy + 30 mins for Graphic design ) Tools u...

    15 Jun 2023

  • Sehat AD COPY

    Objective - Made this ad copy in my digital marketing class. Sehat is a brand name I created for this exercise . Questi...

    06 Jun 2023

  • Moment marketing (Celebration for Fueler 's 10k Members)

    Summarized Fueler 'Journey to 10k users in Meme format Tools used - Figma and Capcut

    14 Apr 2023

  • Podcast Edit Reels

    Collection of short form videos from podcasts to spread awareness about Proof of Work First reel posted on [Riten Debna...

    23 Mar 2023

  • True Learning | short blog

    Blog about My personal experience of learning and the mistakes I made while learning skills. Tools used - Google Doc fo...

    13 Mar 2023

  • Meme Creative for StockGro

    Memes for StockGro #permissionlessproject Tools Used - Figma

    06 Mar 2023

  • Meme Marketing Collection (Fueler.io)

    Memes Make Brands Memorable Collection of all the memes I have made for [Fueler](https://fueler.io/discover) Tools Use...

    26 Feb 2023

  • Fueler Banner

    Made a Banner for [Prince](https://fueler.io/prince04)'s Fueler/[Twitter](https://twitter.com/PrinceManayBora) Profile...

    26 Feb 2023

  • Fueler Promo

    Project - Typographic Promo Time taken - 18 hours Tools used - Funimate App This Promo was displayed at Christ Univer...

    24 Feb 2023

  • LinkedIn Learning

    Storytelling by Shane Snow

    Learned Storytelling and how to implement it in Business

    20 Feb 2023

  • Fueler meme

    Meme created with Figma for Fueler This meme communicates the message of Fueler Proof of work is the benefit of using...

    08 Jan 2023

  • Meme Marketing ( Country Delight )

    4 Memes for Country Delight These memes were made as a part of Fueler Meme Challenge

    07 Jan 2023

  • Proof of Work: A better way to land opportunities.

    In today’s day and age having a degree is not enough. A degree is important but when most folks have a degree, how will...

    04 Dec 2022

  • Fueler Meme

    Made a Meme for Fueler Fueler Opportunity mail Gives remote opportunities to people Click Proof to see it in detail

    05 Nov 2022

  • Instagram Seamless Carousel

    Crafted a Seamless Carousel in FIGMA Learned to edit images in FIGMA and improved my pen tool skills

    28 Oct 2022

  • STOA | Meme Marketing

    Memes I made for STOA as a part of Fueler Meme challenge Tool(s) used - Canva

    25 Sep 2022

  • Instagram Marketing |Visual Storytelling

    Designed a Instagram Carousel in FIGMA This is a excerpt from Fueler Blog , I added storytelling elements to convey the...

    28 Aug 2022

  • POSTER ( social media


    08 Aug 2022

  • Momento/Memento

    Designed a Momento/Memento for Tribal achievers who have done exceptionally good in their fields or helped others in the...

    05 Aug 2022

  • Instagram Carousel

    Designed this Instagram carousel for Atal Incubation Centre - Ambedkar University Foundation ( AIC-AUDF)

    17 Jul 2022

  • Instagram Carousel /POSTER

    Designed a event poster in photoshop This event was a one day program for the Indigenous /Tribal Youth While designing...

    15 Jul 2022

  • Trailer for a Gathering Event

    Created this trailer for Bonzo event ( a gathering event for a south zone 1 ( Christian Youth ) This was entirely creat...

    11 Jul 2022

  • WORLD Indigenous Day poster

    Designed this poster for International World Indigenous Day . Learning(s) - Learned about vectors - Polished Adobe Pho...

    08 Jul 2022

  • Trailer for World Indigenous Day

    Created this trailer with the help of Da Vinci resolve and Canva , for the upcoming International Day of the World's Ind...

    08 Jul 2022

  • YouTube Thumbnail Masterclass


    Learned about what makes a Great thumbnail The Instructor ( Nick ) was clear and to the point

    05 Jul 2022

  • Elegant Carousel (10 photos)

    Designed this Instagram carousel for India Indigenous People(s) IG page . It is a recap post for an event that was organ...

    02 Jul 2022

  • Teaser for an Upcoming Event

    Created this teaser in Canva and Davinci Resolve , to promote an upcoming event about the Indigenous People in India . C...

    30 Jun 2022


    Made this teaser for YCS ( Young Catholic Students ) SYMPOSIUM Generally I use Da Vinci Resolve for video creation purp...

    03 Jun 2022

  • Designed Instagram Post for BTV (Break The Vintage)

    By Designing this Instagram post (3slides) my ability to pair fonts that work well together increased. also improved my...

    02 Jun 2022

  • Instagram Post

    Designed a Instagram post (2 slides ) about FUELER . This Instagram account will make people , especially freelancers aw...

    30 May 2022

  • Designed a instagram post For BTV (Break The Vintage)

    By create this Instagram post I understood Importantce of the brand(s) feel Understanding the client 's point of view.

    30 May 2022

  • Social media mastery


    Learned more about Social media , how to build a community , creating a unique style for social media posts

    26 May 2022


    This event will be organised on 5 June 2022 by YCS (Young Catholic Students) organisation in which i am a core team memb...

    19 May 2022

  • Introduction to Excel


    learned about the basics of Microsoft Excel

    14 May 2022

  • Instagram Marketing


    This course on Instagram marketing taught me about: How the platform works , strategies to grow organically and utilizi...

    27 Apr 2022

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